Dedicated to all things related to decentralized web and blockchain tech

The basis for blokk's success is our employees. We work together appreciatively and respectfully. We challenge ourselves, think ahead and support each other fully. We develop our processes and know-how sustainably and continuously. Shared commitment and fun at work are our motivation.

We see our partners and customers as part of the blokk team. This team inspires, motivates, challenges and encourages.

Based on the needs of the target group of users and the context of use, we approach the optimal intersection of desired functionality, technical feasibility and economic viability in close exchange with all stakeholders.

Michael Schranz

Blockchain Tech Consulting, Strategy & Sales

Eduard Zielke

Project Management

Till Könneker

DeFi Enthusiast, Concept & Brand Creation

Milena Rutz

Innovation- and User Research, Workshop Facilitation & Consulting

Andrea Zeller

Project Management

Stephan Klaus

Business Development, Blockchain Tech Consulting & Project Management

Alain Stulz

dApps Development

Adrian Bader

Project Management & Agile Coach

Martin Moser

Project Management & Development

Stefan Spieler

Concept & Design for dApps & Web Platforms

Martin Mattli

Head of Operations and QA

Matthias Tschanz

Development & Web3 Solution Design

Pascal Marco Caversaccio

Blockchain Engineer & White Hat Hacker

blokk Vision

We help your ventures to succeed with beautiful and easy to use blockchain solutions that work.

blokk Mission

Our employees are the most important asset to provide “best in class” consultancy and blockchain software development services for our clients Only happy, well educated and empowered employees will be able to achieve the company goals and execute the strategy. A great company culture is important and seen as the backbone of this new adventure.
For our customers we provide high end quality and differentiate us through a great customer experience. We see our customers as part of the team and communicate / act on the same eye-level. We treat our customers transparently and work as one team hand in hand. 
We care about the society we live in. We act as friendly and helpful neighbors and provide great working opportunities for the locations we are settled. 
Value Proposition
We offer our expertise in strategy development, consulting, design & development (coding) skills to execute and maintain complex blockchain and web3 projects end-to-end.