Beyond the Chains

We help your ventures succeed with beautiful and easy to use blockchain solutions that work. We think beyond the chains and help you design and build solutions that create value in the context of use.

Cases of our Blockchain Tech Clients

Our experience with custom software development and blockchain tech projects makes us a strong partner for you. With great attention to detail, we fine-tune the interplay of design, usability and decentralized technologies.

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Hliquity frontend
The new mobile dApp for HLiquity DeFi borrowing & lending.
Client: blokk.
Year: 2024
Work: Concept and Design, dApp Development
lipa wallet
The Swiss app for user-friendly, cashless and lightning fast payments with Bitcoin Lightning.
Client: lightning payment services AG
Year: 2024
Work: Concept and Design, App Development
Assembly Curated
Assembly Curated is a dedicated web3 platform focused on curated NFT collections by some of the most important artists working in fine art photography.
Client: Assembly
Year: 2022
Work: Webdesign, Webdevelopment, Smart Contract
An NFT platform through which digital art can be bought, sold and exhibited.
Client: dloop
Year: 2020
Work: Concept and Design, Consulting and Strategy, Web development
MNTD. Online Shop
We helped MNTD. execute the international launch of two new helium hotspots.
Client: MNTD.
Year: 2021
Work: Marketing, Concept and design, Web development
Nature Collectibles
The Nature Collectibles app is a fun way to donate to nature conservation. Unique fundraising for the protection of endangered species.
Client: Porini Foundation
Year: 2022
Work: Concept and design, Development
Startfeld Wallet
Startfeld enables the transfer of funding packages in the form of Startfeld coins
Client: BCTS
Year: 2021
Work: Concept and design, Software development, Projektmanagement, Software testing

User-friendly Blockchain Solutions

We specialize in developing user-friendly decentralized solutions that simplify people's daily lives.

User Centered Concepts & UX-Design
We help you to design user-friendly decentralized solutions that simplify people’s daily lives.
Custom Blockchain Software Development
We help you to design, build, test and manage a vide variety of custom blockchain and Web3 solutions.
Strategic Consulting for Blockchain & Web3
We help you to create and implement the right Blockchain Tech Strategy that will empower your ideas to become reality.
Operations, Maintenance & Support
We offer operations, maintenance and support for Blockchain Tech and Web3 products during the entire product lifecycle.
Innovation Lab
Together with you we create prove of concepts (PoCs) to validate Blockchain ideas, collect insights with user research and create valuable knowledge for you.
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Blockchain Tech Customers

We like to constantly challenge ourselves, think ahead and support each other across projects in order to inspire our customers and users with a high-quality result.

Shane Lavalette 
Shane Lavalette 
Founding Director, Assembly

When we launched Assembly Curated as the first curated art photography NFT platform in 2021, we chose to work with blokk studio because of their modern Swiss design sensibility, thoughtful UX, clean coding, and friendly staff. The team has offered reliable website maintenance and are as passionate as we are about the platform. Not only do they bring a deep understanding and experience of blockchain tech to the table, but they accept crypto for payments too.