Assembly Curated

Assembly, a Houston and New York-based gallery, agency and creative studio supporting visual artists, launched a web3 platform for NFT collections from some of the leading fine art photographers - Assembly Curated. Assembly Curated is among the first web3 platforms to focus on fine art photography NFTs.

We helped assembly with the design and development of the platform, as well as developing the smart contracts that are needed in order to sell NFTs.

NFT Art Plattform Assembly on a tablet in someone's Hands
the logo of assembly arts non fungible tokens marketplace created by blokk studio
Webdesign, Webdevelopment, Smart Contract

The next-generation global photography platform

Assembly Curated is the NFT offshoot of Assembly, a hybrid gallery and agency that holistically nurtures and supports artists. Assembly Curated is designed to be a lighthouse in the NFT space, not only supporting artists but also institutions that support them and collectors with culturally-valuable work. In carefully curated collections the artistic process is presented.

News May 2023: Assembly Curated won a bronze medal at the 2023 best of swiss web awards!

Easy entry to the world of NFTs

Assembly curated encourages people who do not have any experience in buying NFTs to get into digital art by providing a step to step guide and the most relevant sources to set up everything that is needed to acquire a digital artwork.


Smart Contracts for Assembly

Previous to Assembly curated, Assembly sold NFTs on OpenSea, the biggest public marketplace for NFTs. With Assembly curated they now have their own designated marketplace. This was made possible by developing a designated smart contract which acts as a marketplace. 

Now assembly can create their NFT collections or smartcontracts at, import them and sell them as they wish on their website. The smart contract also takes into account the royalties given by the smart contract of the artist. Royalties are the automatic payouts to an author from resales. 

Still the costs of minting NFTs is something to consider, and sometimes also due to high prices of ETH an issue for platforms and collectors, that's why lazy minting aka “minting on the fly” becomes relevant.


Lazy Minting

To avoid these minting costs we have implemented lazy minting with manifold at Assembly. So Assembly is now able to put together whole collections in their own CMS, which are then published as a kind of NFT voucher for sale. As soon as someone buys such a voucher, this corresponding NFT is minted and transferred to the buyer. The costs for the minting are paid by the buyer together with the purchase price in one transaction. 

Shane Lavalette 
Shane Lavalette 
Founding Director, Assembly

When we launched Assembly Curated as the first curated art photography NFT platform in 2021, we chose to work with blokk studio because of their modern Swiss design sensibility, thoughtful UX, clean coding, and friendly staff. The team has offered reliable website maintenance and are as passionate as we are about the platform. Not only do they bring a deep understanding and experience of blockchain tech to the table, but they accept crypto for payments too.