We love developing not only for, but together with our clients to create blockchain and web3 products we stand behind.

Assembly Curated is a dedicated web3 platform focused on curated NFT collections by some of the most important artists working in fine art photography.
Client: Assembly
Year: 2022
Work: Webdesign, Webdevelopment, Smart Contract
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An NFT platform through which digital art can be bought, sold and exhibited.
Client: dloop
Year: 2020
Work: Concept and Design, Consulting and Strategy, Web development
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Porini Foundation
The Nature Collectibles app is a fun way to donate to nature conservation. Unique fundraising for the protection of endangered species.
Client: Porini Foundation
Year: 2022
Work: Concept and design, Development
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The indu4.0 project aims to take the manufacturing industry to a new level with the help of blockchain technology and the introduction of virtual processes.
Client: indu4.0
Year: 2022
Category: Smart Contract Development
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Blockchain Trust Solutions AG / Startfeld
Startfeld enables the transfer of funding packages in the form of Startfeld coins
Client: BCTS
Year: 2021
Category: Concept and design, Software development, Projektmanagement, Software testing
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University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
blokk. and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland have launched a joint Blockchain Seminar. Read more to find out which benefits it offers.
Client: FHNW
Year: 2023
Work: Teaching & Consulting
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Rak Wireless
We helped MNTD. execute the international launch of two new helium hotspots.
Client: MNTD.
Year: 2021
Work: Marketing, Concept and design, Web development
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