Blockchain Potential Check - Practical Seminar

blokk. and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW have launched a joint blockchain seminar, which not only enables participants to apply theory, but also offers very concrete possibilities to take action in the context of their respective companies and industries.

In the following interview, we present the contents and expected outputs of the seminar as well as the experts who bring this seminar to life.

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Who is behind this seminar? 

The Institute of Information Systems has grown to become the largest Institute of the FHNW School of Business. A group of currently 12 researchers is focused on the topic of "digital trust". This includes decentralized technologies such as blockchain.

Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider, co-lead of Competence Center Digital Trust, will be leading the seminar. She has been researching and teaching at the FHNW since 2016. Bettina Schneider is the initiator of a trinational annual practitioner event in Basel - the "Trinational Digital Trust Days". Moreover, she co-coordinated a recent cybersecurity-related research project targeted towards small enterprises (H2020 EU GEIGER). Since 2017, she has been a member of the SATW Expert Group Industry 4.0 and in 2021 she was part of the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum 2.0. Prior to her academic career, she worked in a multinational pharmaceutical company in different management positions and locations (Switzerland, Germany, Australia).

Why was this blockchain seminar launched?

From our experience, many companies are familiar with the term blockchain. However, companies struggle with the question of whether and how this technology can bring added value. In some cases, there is a fear of missing out. This then leads to blockchain initiatives being launched - but mostly without a clear goal and without a vision about the added value that should actually be achieved. 

This is where our practical seminar comes in: It is not about 'generating' an arbitrary application to a new technology. Rather, the participants receive clarity about which business problems can be solved and what added value the blockchain can bring!

What are the contents of the seminar?

We start with a compact overview of Web3.0, decentralized technologies as well as successful blockchain use cases from various industries and sectors. 

Then, it gets practical: 
We evaluate opportunities and risks, as well as potential mid- to long-term impacts of the blockchain technology for specific industries. From this, in a creative process, each participant develops the best possible use cases for their company. 

The seminar is held in German.

Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider
Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider
February 6th, 2023

Our approach is constructive and critical - all questions and objections are allowed and welcome. This is the only way we can arrive at a realistic assessment of the technology.

Who is the target group of the seminar?  

The seminar is particularly suitable for decision-makers such as CTOs, CEOs, IT program and project managers, Chief Digital (Transformation) Officers or Innovation Officers.

No special prior knowledge is required. What counts for the seminar is above all the interest in dealing intensively with decentralized technologies. We are looking for participants who wish to be actively and openly involved in the course.  

What added value can participants expect from the FHNW's collaboration with the blockchain agency blokk?

The cooperation aims to provide practical relevance. Seminar attendees will go home with the following concrete results:

  • A collection of ideas for applications of decentralized technologies in their own field 

  • Two to three concrete application ideas, which will be prepared using the NABC method and presented in plenary session

  • A Lean Business Model Canvas and a roadmap with phases and milestones for the implementation of the best application idea

  • In addition, participants receive 3 ECTS for active participation in the course


What are the highlights of the seminar?  

You can win 😉: The best rated idea for blockchain use cases will win a consulting / discovery workshop with blockchain experts from blokk.

As a special (virtual) guest, we will welcome Pascal Marco Caversaccio - a well-known white hat hacker. He will report on the major hacks in the decentralized space and show a concrete case of how he proceeded to expose a hack.

What learning methods can participants expect at the seminar? 

It will be very interactive. We will use recognized innovation methods such as the NABC and the Waterholing method.

How long does the seminar last and where will it take place? 

The seminar will last three full days, which we will host at FHNW in Basel. Our university is located within walking-distance of the SBB train station.

Where and how can I register for this seminar? 

You can register via the FHNW website.

Which experts will be conducting this seminar?

Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider

Stephan Klaus, CEO of Apps with love and blokk

Pascal Caversaccio, Blockchain Engineer & White Hat Hacker

Michael Schranz, CXO of Apps with love, Blockchain Advisor for blokk

Useful Links: 

An educational game on the blockchain developed by FHNW: Home - Bloxxgame

An interview with Bettina Schneider on the topic of blockchain at the podcast "Angriffslustig" gives a compact introduction to the topic (in German): #057 ANGRIFFSLUSTIG - Blockchain - Interview with Bettina Schneider (

Any questions?

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail on We look forward to meeting you soon!