Blockchain Tech & Web3 Know How

Learn about blockchain use cases, about the possibilities of blockchain technology and web3, about do‘s and don'ts of decentralized web, about DeFi, smartcontracts, NFTs and the metaverse.

Blockchain Reality – For which Applications is Blockchain useful?

Examples from 10 sectors provide information about promising applications of the blockchain technology.

How to Simply Deploy a Smart Contract on Ethereum

In this tutorial Pascal shows you how to set up self-executing contracts - so-called Smart Contracts.

Helium Hotspots for the "People's Network"

How we help crypto startup MNTD. with its international product launch.

Ethereum ERC-20 Meta-Transactions

In this blog, Pascal explores the concept of gasless transactions - also called meta-transactions - in the context of ERC-20 tokens.

Blockchain and decentralised Applications

An introduction on how decentralised Apps aka "dApps" work and how they differ from regular Apps.