Blockchain Tech & Web3 Know How

Learn about blockchain use cases, about the possibilities of blockchain technology and web3, about do‘s and don'ts of decentralized web, about DeFi, smartcontracts, NFTs and the metaverse.

Blockchain Technology, Types and the Web3 Market

Welcome to the first blog post in our series on the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Our goal is to provide an overview of this subject, ensuring that individuals who are intrigued by this field but lack expertise can grasp the essential elements.

Developing an NFT marketplace with a good user experience

The NFT market is still growing, with new platforms, investors, startups, users and creatives entering the fray. Read more about NFT opportunities and risks.

Governance and Voting Mechanism Models of DAOs

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations use digital tools and decentralized technology. Read more to learn about the most common DAO voting mechanism models.

Seven Steps to Define Tokenomics of a Blockchain Project

"blokk" presents a step by step guide to define the token economics of a blockchain project. From understanding the context to the creation of a good roadmap.

Use Cases and different Types of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

After covering the basics of DAOs in the first blog post, we now introduce you to a lot of examples, use cases and many different types of DAOs.

Tokenomics 2/2: Game Theory, Examples and Token Types

In this blogpost you can read about the role of game theory in tokenomics, examples of tokenomics, a list of questions to ask and different types of tokens.

Ethereum: London Hard Fork, The Merge and PoS Tokenomics

In this blogpost we explain the EIPs introduced for „London hard fork“, „The Merge“, and Ethereum tokenomics after the PoS consensus mechanism was implemented.

DAO 101 - Introduction to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

It is possible that decentralized autonomous organizations will become the future model of any digitally community-governed project and decentralized network. Let's start with the basics.

Tokenomics 1/2: The Basics of Token Economics

The study of tokenomics is about what makes a cryptocurrency valuable and whether its value is likely to be stable, increasing or decreasing in future.

Industry 4.0: Smart Contracts for the Manufacturing Industry

For indu4.0, blokk has designed and coded two smart contracts with the goal to help them solve existing problems in the manufacturing industry.

Blockchain and decentralised Applications

An introduction on how decentralised Apps aka "dApps" work and how they differ from regular Apps.

How to Simply Deploy a Smart Contract on Ethereum

In this tutorial Pascal shows you how to set up self-executing contracts - so-called Smart Contracts.

Ethereum ERC-20 Meta-Transactions

In this blog, Pascal explores the concept of gasless transactions - also called meta-transactions - in the context of ERC-20 tokens.

Blockchain Reality – For which Applications is Blockchain useful?

Examples from 10 sectors provide information about promising applications of the blockchain technology.

Helium Hotspots for The People's Network

How we help crypto startup MNTD. with its international product launch.