Nature Collectibles

The Nature Collectibles app is a fun way to donate to nature conservation. Digital collectible cards of endangered species can be bought as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The proceeds benefit the respective nature reserves in which the respective animal species occurs.

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Porini Foundation
Concept and design, Development

Donate in a playful way to nature and species conserving causes

The Porini Foundation, a Swiss-based foundation that develops climate and nature conservation projects based on innovative technologies, has launched the Nature Collectibles app for this purpose. In it, digital collectible cards, the "Nature Collectibles" of endangered species from different nature reserves around the world can be purchased. 

The collectibles are Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs for short, which guarantees that the buyer has the only validated copy of the collectible. The proceeds of an initial purchase of a Nature Collectible will benefit the respective nature reserves. In case of resales, a part of the sales price will be donated again, thus establishing a continuous flow of donations for nature and species conservation. The collectible cards can be continuously expanded to include additional animal species and nature reserves. A scalable solution that allows the community to grow and keeps collecting interesting.


Energy-efficient blockchain

The NFTs are mined on Hedera's blockchain. It is characterized by the fact that it is particularly energy-efficient and thus practically emission-free. The blockchain technology also ensures that the cash flows generated by the purchases of the trading cards are always visible and traceable. Hedera has a community of over 600,000 existing wallets.

Easy access to the world of NFTs

The Nature Collectibles app is a simple way to get involved in conservation and receive value in return in the form of a unique digital trading card. Central to this is the ease of set-up: no prior technical knowledge is required to set up the app and purchase the collectible cards. Often, access to blockchain-based solutions or NFTs is rather complicated and reserved for technology-savvy individuals. With Nature Collectibles, this access becomes simple and thus an even greater and important contribution to nature conservation is made.


Designed and developed with love

Besides ideas around gamification and inputs to the concept, we not only implemented the dApp design, but also did the development of the apps, the related backend and the connection to the Hedera Blockchain. And of course we continue to help Porini Foundation with the operation of the app and further developments.

Toni Caradonna, CTO of Blockchain Trust Solutions
Toni Caradonna, CTO of Blockchain Trust Solutions

We worked successfully with “blokk - beyond the chains” in several blockchain tech and web3 projects. They helped us to design, to engineer, to develop, to implement and with operations
of our own and our clients’ decentralized web ventures.