Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Decentralized Applications (dApps) run with distributed ledger technology like the blockchain. The data (for example user transactions in a mobile wallet) are stored on a network of computers, outside the control of a single authority. dApps can be developed for various purposes and offer (if well implemented..), benefits like more user privacy, no censorship, and reduced risk of app downtime due to the decentralized storage of your data. 

However, challenges such as scalability or app store publishing may arise. These new breeds of applications are currently being discussed and developed across the world and could be considered as the next evolution of apps, or "apps 2.0".

dApps are often applications that are open source, operates autonomously, have its data stored on a blockchain, incentivised in the form of cryptographic tokens, and operates on a protocol that shows proof of value. read more about this in our blogpost about dApps.