Strategic Consulting in Blockchain Tech & Web3

We help you to create and implement the right blockchain tech strategy that will empower your ideas to become reality.

We accompany and advise our clients with a great deal of passion and experience in the development of new Blockchain Tech and Web3 business models, in the definition of strategic fields of action, or in the internal competence development and the development of the necessary expertise in the area of these new technologies.

We evaluate ideas, research the market potential and help to successfully and efficiently implement the desired goals and strategic measures of our clients.

Our consulting services are tailor-made and adapted to the needs and previous knowledge of our clients.

Market and Potential Assessments for your Company in Terms of Blockchain Tech and Web3

After understanding the context of the organization, the internal goals and target markets, we will find out the potentials, opportunities and also possible risks in terms of blockchain and web3 applications through a targeted market analysis. Additionally, we will add our own ideas for innovative approaches and already existing good examples. We will communicate all findings, ideas and examples in a detailed report.

Strategy Development and Roadmaps for Web3

We specialize in working closely with our clients to develop suitable strategies and solutions in the area of blockchain tech and web3, which have a high practical relevance and correspond to the current digital maturity of the company.

Our broad experience from the implementation of blockchain tech projects and products makes our consulting stand out: We do not create extensive concept papers, which can only be implemented with great effort, but orient our actions on what can actually be technically implemented and introduced within a manageable budget and the desired timeframe.

Together with our customers and, if necessary, with the involvement of other stakeholders, we develop realistic web3 strategies and blockchain project roadmaps that build on the existing foundation and think it forward.

Workshops and Knowledge Transfer for all Things Related to Blockchain Tech, Web3, NFTs and DeFi

In many cases, the implementation of blockchain and web3 projects also requires new internal competencies, new digital expertise and, in some cases, new organizational structures. We support our clients with workshops, trainings, information events and presentations during such change processes so that the sustainability of the strategic measures and the desired knowledge about blockchain tech, web3, NFTs, Smart Contracts, DeFi, or the metaverse build-up can be guaranteed.

Boost your Web3 Idea: Discovery and Requirements Workshops

This creative workshop is suitable for individuals and organizations who have a good idea for a blockchain / web3 offering or product and are looking for support in validating the idea and working out the requirements. Often such a workshop is useful as a start to a project, so that a good common understanding can be established and the right course can be set at an early stage of the project.

What is planned? Which problems should be solved? What is desirable? What is feasible? What is already known about the end users and what is not?

We clarify these and many other questions in the workshop with a concept developer, requirements engineer, blockchain developer and workshop moderator. We bring in expertise from all necessary disciplines such as design, technology, conception, user research and marketing in order to develop concrete solutions and requirements for the future software (e.g. dApps, NFT platforms, metaverse ideas, DAOs) from initial ideas, rough concepts and thoughts.