The metaverse includes digital experiences that are three-dimensional, virtual, immersive, and lasting. In the rapidly advancing digital transformation of companies, the metaverse will also play a role in the future that should not be underestimated. We are talking here about new parallel worlds that are emerging in addition to our real lives. In this meta-world, people meet in virtual reality, interact, play and communicate, no matter where they are in the real world. In other words, a virtual world without physical boundaries.

What constitutes the metaverse?

  • The Metaverse cannot be paused. It runs basically around the clock

  • The Metaverse as a whole takes place in real time. It is live.

  • There is no upper limit for the number of participants,

  • In some metaverses it is possible to build your own economy and company. Build your own company.

  • Individuals and companies can invest, buy, sell and get paid for work within the metaverse.

  • The metaverse encompasses the digital world as well as the physical world.

  • Open and closed metaverse platforms exist.

  • Digital goods are interchangeable within the Metaverse

  • There is a large amount of user-generated content and "experiences" in metaverses,

Disclaimer: as of today (March 2023), there are no universal definitions of the Metaverse. The description is based on current conditions and trends that are emerging.