Custom Blockchain and Web3 Software Development Services

We offer end to end service around the development of blockchain and web3 projects such as dApps, DeFi, NFT platforms, smart contracts, DAOs and the Metaverse.

We offer you high quality custom software development for your blockchain and web3 projects and products. Based on your idea we start by an assessment of the possible use case and define together the necessary requirements. Depending on your own knowledge, capacity, existing partners and stakeholders, we are flexible to act as full or single service provider by organising all your needs to bring your ideas into reality.

We are focused on the following blockchain solutions:

Smart Contract Development

We develop fully customized smart contracts on various blockchain networks. These can be private or public networks. Mainly we develop ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 for EVM compatible networks (ETH, Gnosis, Polygon and more). We also create dApps which contain a business logic that we can handle within a smart contract.

Blockchain-based NFT Marketplaces, Digital Assets & NFTs

We can handle the entire process of NFTs from developing smart contracts, deploying them, to creating NFTs on the Ethereum or any other blockchain and developing apps which interact with them.

We develop complete NFT marketplaces and platforms with extensive functionality. For Assembly for example we created a webapp with NFT marketplace with associated smart contracts on Ethereum, which covers all the needs of their users. With the project we created a webapp which interacts with the corresponding smart contracts and mints an artwork on the fly when a customer buys it.

Decentralized Custom Software Applications (dApps)

We build any decentralized web3 dApps and platforms for you. We love to develop custom dApps (decentralized applications) and help you to integrate them into your existing enterprise systems. We have build dApps that helped to leverage business transactions within a protected, secure and collaborative environment.

In past years we supplied our clients with the following specific dApp development services:

dApp consulting
In many cases our clients for blockchain and web3 projects are looking for an in-depth dApp consulting based their initial ideas, markets they operate or industries they work in. Therefore we offer you to carefully execute a market and technology analysis on the basis of your needs and context with the goal to evaluate and anticipate your dApp’s chances of success. We promise you to be transparent and honest when it comes to validate the use case at hand. If we come to the conclusion that a dApp is not the best approach, we will surely tell you the truth.

Custom dApp development
We love to create custom decentralized apps built from scratch. Our team of developers works hand in hand with the team of experienced UX-Designers to make sure your dApp creates a real added value in the context of endusers whilst perfectly matching your business goals.

dApp concept and design
As Swiss based blockchain tech studio we emphasize the importance of good usability and design for any software product. Our designers have collected a lot of experience in designing dApps within the past years and they are all senior designers for native apps or progressive apps for many years before even creating their first dApp concepts. More details about our concept and design capabilities can be found in our service list. In general we start by creating the functional design, create clickable dApp prototypes that can be used to verify the idea with the target audiences and conduct user research before we design the final look and feel of your dApps.

dApp testing and quality assurance
If you already created a dApp but you need to get a second opinion about dApp usability, enduser UX, security or performance, our team is keen to test your dApp deeply and comprehensively across platforms, operating systems, and devices, to ensure the desired quality, UX and planned functionality. Of course we do this also for dApps that are coded by us, but we can do it also for dApps that are coded by any third party.

dApp integration

After development it is time to integrate your dApp seamlessly with your other existing technologies, environments, and APIs from backends, content-hubs, IoT-solutions and traditional web to mobile stacks. Our experience has thought us to think about integration already before we start to develop the new dApps. This will make sure that integration is not a surprise show but rather a sequence of tasks that have been well planned in advance.

dApp maintenance
Whatever projects you execute, there is a time coming after the go live and it is very important to look at the whole lifecycle of your project already when you are developing the new blockchain tech product. We are here to help you handle the necessary updates, deep dive into user analytics and derive insights from it to further develop your dApp in a user and data driven way. We help you to successfully market your dApp and find the optimal solutions to scale your project when needed.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platforms

We can help you with your DeFi projects depending on size, complexity and goals with different services. Just get in touch with us to assess how we can be of best help for you. From consultancy and empowering your own teams to end-to-end project execution, we are highly motivated to assist you within your industry and business context to profit from the new possibilities that come with the decentralized finance approach.

DeFi Project Consultancy
Our team is experienced team ist highly motivated and helpful to discuss and examine new ways to use DeFi projects to gain optimum benefits.

DeFi Smart Contract Development
We can help you to create smart contracts that process the automated transactions efficient and secure.

DeFi Wallet Development
We have developed wallet apps for a number of clients who want to provide an easy and convenient way for users to get started in the crypto world. These wallets are very easy to use and are well suited for transactions on the go. There are many usecases you can think of, for example vouchers, community currencies for events or NFT collections can be the main content. They almost always include the ability to send, receive, and purchase tokens as required by business logic. We help to create a simple or advanced crypto wallet that supports multi-cryptocurrency and thus makes the trade easier for endusers.

DeFi Dapp Development
dApps / decentralized apps will help to improve the transparency, traceability, trustworthiness and safety in the trade.

Private Blockchain Networks

We develop apps, smart contracts or other integrations for all blockchain networks, including private, especially EVM compatible ones. Here we can mention the SwissDLT blockchain of BCTS AG, which has a crisis-resistant and independent communication network with its Switzerland-wide computer network.


Would you like to create your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)? We are here to help you going through all the necessary steps.  From the creation of smart contracts on Ethereum to manage the DAO for the governance, vault, timelock and token and the design and development of a custom front-end based on your brand's identity and design to interface with the community to the necessary Metamask integration to interact with the DAO dApp

We accompany your with the following steps needed to setup your DAO:

  • Defining and describing the governance structure of your DAO

  • We help you choose the right type of DAO

  • We help you to define the DAO Token use cases

  • We assist you with the Tokenomics for your DAO like token supply, allocation and rewards

  • We help to setup / build the DAO

  • We help to create the DAO community and treasury

Metaverse Projects

The metaverse is still in its early stages, but ongoing advances in blockchain and other technologies are contributing greatly to its development. Also, popular Metaverse examples like Decentraland show that it's not a flash in the pan. If you are planning to develop a Metaverse project contact us and we will work out the best possible solution together.