User Centered Concepts & UX-Design

We focus on the enduser experience and provide high end design and outstanding usability for your dApps, NFT-Platforms or other blockchain tech based products.

UX-First Approach

In most cases, the main focus of web3 and blockchain projects and products is to solve a business case with the help of the functional advantages that come along with the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

Many applications in the market however, lack in good design, usability and UX for endusers. We truly believe that one of the most important success factors in the longer term also for web3 and blockchain products is the final user experience provided by using that products and services.

Therefore we strive to make your products more user friendly, with better UX and more accessible for the target users than any other competing product. 

Our approach is to create user centered concepts and designs, validating hypotheses fast and efficiently through rapid prototyping and user research and thus involve endusers perspective in the development process whenever possible.

Even the best product ideas or features that may solve an important problem for your target audience are worth nothing, if the endusers are not delighted by using your product. Your endusers need to feel a clear added value in their use-context. In order to guarantee this, we create not only high quality software but we make a clear difference with top notch UX-Design and lovely user interfaces.

Our design and user research team has experience for more than ten years in creating user interfaces and product designs that correspond with the expectations, needs, and style of the target audience.

Human Centered Design Approach

Based on the needs of the target group of users and the context of use, we approach the optimal intersection of desired functionality, technical feasibility and economic viability in close exchange with all stakeholders and in iterations.


Design Services for your Blockchain and Web3 Projects

  • Rapid prototyping - we create a prototype of what you aim for.

  • User research to validate the ideas early - our research team will test the idea with the target group

  • Visual and interaction design - we design your products end to end

  • Design-reviews and redesigns for existing dApps and platforms - we help you to improve the UX and usability of your existing dApps and web platforms

  • Assets, animations and transitions - in order to create an outstanding UX for your endusers we conceptualize and create the needed design assets, animations, illustrations and perfect transitions for your digital products