Holographic Consensus

The holographic consensus method as voting mechanism of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) strives to achieve decisions through a more comprehensive and participatory process that considers the opinions of all members of the DAO, unlike traditional voting systems. In this mechanism, each member of the DAO is given "voice credits" based on their contributions, with those holding more tokens or having made significant contributions receiving more voice credits. These credits are then used to vote on proposals.

However, the holographic consensus approach also enables members to delegate their voice credits to others whom they believe are better suited to make informed decisions, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. This flexibility permits fluid and dynamic decision-making within the DAO.

Moreover, the holographic consensus process offers a more nuanced approach to decision-making by allowing members to vote on multiple options rather than simply yes or no. This enables a more accurate representation of the consensus within the DAO.

Overall, holographic consensus is intended to establish a more democratic and inclusive decision-making process within DAOs, where all members have a voice and decisions are made based on the consensus of the group rather than a majority vote.

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